Regional Technical Conference (RTC) 2016 – Mineral Processing Technologies

September 21 – 22, 2016

The Westin Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

The government has insisted to go ahead with mandatory domestic mineral processing to increase value of mineral export and preserve the country’s mineral resource supplies. The restriction on exports of unprocessed minerals is expected to stimulate new investments in smelters and refineries and associated infrastructure, to create new job opportunities and revenue streams in the country.

However, the lingering drop in global commodity prices that squeezed cash flow of miners makes realization of in-country processing requirement slow-moving. Calls for the government to resume the export in order to raise money needed for building the smelters also still on place.

In 2016, the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal puts smelter development as one of its priorities agenda. As of December 2015, data from Directorate General of Mineral and Coal shows the proposed smelter facilities is 72 units to be developed by 89 Mining Business Holders (IUPs) with 25 units of smelter facilities reach the commissioning phase.

The mineral processing conference would highlight regulatory changes, domestic and overseas processed mineral demand and supply forecast, strategic moves by the IUPs holders to secure financing, updated smelting and processing technologies as well as infrastructure challenges in building smelters.

The conference also aims to raise the issues, identify strategies and methods that will result in a proactive approach by all stakeholders to the development of a successful mineral processing industry in Indonesia. It is therefore imperative that companies with the technologies and “know how” attend and participate in this conference. For business interested in getting their “feet in the door” to a developing industry, this is your moment to shine.