Five unconventional applications where Linatex rubber stands the test of time

Retaining the remarkable qualities of natural rubber, the last hundred years has seen Linatex succeed time and time again where nothing else can.

We all know how it consistently outperforms other materials in harsh, abrasive mining applications, but what you might not know is that a plethora of businesses outside the resources all rely on Linatex rubbers unique properties.

Join us for a quick tour of the unexpected places Linatex pops up.

Vets rely on Linatex rubber to keep horses safe after surgery

Miners around the world rely on Linatex products to keep their equipment safe from harsh minerals, but in veterinary practices throughout Europe, South Africa and APAC, Linatex rubber is used to protect horses and other distressed animals from themselves.

After an operation, larger animals are particularly vulnerable to reinjuring themselves through falling over or inflicting new injuries on themselves through actions brought on by distress and discomfort.

Animal recovery rooms generally use foam or rubber lining to reduce the damage caused by a fall or an animal thrashing against a wall, however, hooves and teeth can quickly tear up most rubbers on the market – a bad result for the animal and surgery alike.

Linatex premium rubber recovery rooms are made up of two layers to give exceptional protection. The bottom layer is an energy absorbing foam which minimises impact caused by falls and the top layer is Linatex premium rubber, providing a tough and flexible outer skin with enough cut resistance to withstand a horses agitated hooves. This combination of materials provides a room lining which is safe, durable, easily cleaned and is comfortable for the animals recovery.

Soft but resilient, Linatex squeegees are ideal for keeping things clean

Possibly the largest market for Linatex outside the mining industry is the floor care industry, where industrial Linatex squeegees outperform commodity gum rubber squeegees in a broad range of applications.

The outstanding tear resistance miners love ensures Linatex squeegees form a tight vacuum with the floor, which allows them to dry surfaces four times faster than gum rubbers while its flexibility allows it to adapt better to profiled surfaces than harder, industrial rubber compounds.

Linatex rubber is also used for a variety of specialist conveyer belts outside the mining industry, such as in Mexico, where a whitegoods manufacturer uses Linatex for the final stages of production, to protect their fridge doors with a premium finish from receiving even one scratch due to rough handling.

In Australia, its used to carry easily torn letters, where its superior grip prevents them from floating off of the track. Meanwhile, cement operations around the world utilise Linatex throughout the production process, as the abrasion resistant rubbers non-stick properties keeps the product moving.

The resilience of Linatex products has made it a natural choice for military applications since its inception. Famously, Linatex rubber was used to line fuel tanks of British fighter planes including the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire in World War 2, where it prevented fuel leakages and the resulting fires.

By combining a layer of vulcanised rubber with a layer of natural rubber, the tank was self-sealing when a bullet passed through, as when it came into contact with fuel the untreated rubber would expand to plug the hole.

Today, Linatex rubbers bullet resistance is used across the world for target backing, where it doesnt just provide excellent wear life – it also deadens the sound of impact and prevents dangerous ricochets, which is vital for the close quarters shooting used in police and military training courses.

Linatex premium rubber is used in a number of other military applications, but unfortunately, we cant tell you about them because theyre top secret. But if youre ever on a base, keep an eye out for the red rubber.

Linatex provides the grip for sports wheelchairs

Just like athletes, the demands placed on sports wheelchairs vary dramatically from sport to sport. Racing chairs need to be as light and aerodynamic as possible, basketball chairs need to stand up to a bit of roughhousing and tennis chairs need to stay solidly balanced no matter how far its owner leans to make a shot.

But one critical factor for all sporting chairs is grip. The wheels have to reliably translate the athletes efforts directly into the ground. Thats where Linatex rubber comes in.

With the remarkable qualities of natural rubber, Linatex premium rubber rims provide superior grip to traditional tyre-style rubber, leading to the adoption of Linatex for athletic wheelchairs throughout the sports-obsessed country that is Australia.

Linatex will always be found throughout the mine

Even within the mining industry, Linatex rubber keeps turning up in places where even we didnt expect it would last. At Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in Mongolia, Linatex premium bolt-in rubber panels achieved astounding results lining a ball mill feed box, an application typically handled by harder alloys, while the success of Linard moulded panels has led to the development of a solution for lining ore-carrying trucks.