Jokowi Asks for Coal Optimization Roadmap to Be Completed Soon

President Joko Widodo.  -


President Joko Widodo said that Indonesia must immediately change its status as an exporter of raw materials to an industrial country capable of processing raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods.

To achieve this, the President asked his staff to accelerate the completion of the road map orroadmap for theoptimizationof coalin the country.This is because the coal derivative industry must move quickly to increase added value.

“I want to find a solution to overcome the inaction of this coal derivative industry because we have been exporting raw coal for a long time.I think this must be ended immediately, said Jokowi opening a limited meeting of the acceleration of increasing the added value of coal virtually from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Friday (23/10/2020).

Jokowisaid that the development of the coal derivative industry must be carried out starting from improving quality, making briquettes, making coke, liquefying coal, gasification, and mixing liquid coal.

The development of derivative industries, he added, would significantly increase the added value of commodities.In addition, it can also reduce thecoreraw materials needed by domestic industries such as the steel industry, the petrochemical industry.

“And no less important, we can open as many jobs as possible,” said Jokowi.The President also asked for a road map to be drawn up with the application of environmentally friendly technology and concrete strategies from upstream to downstream.

How much will be converted into gas?How much will be converted into petrochemicals?And where are the areas that will be developed into the downstream coal industry?So it is clear what our direction is, “said Jokowi.

He continued that in compiling the road map, the government must ensure areas that have reserves of coal resources to ensure supply in downstream.

Then it needs several priority works such as the gasification program and those needed by the petrochemical industry, as well as dimethyl ether which is very important as a substitute for LPG.

“So that it can reduce our LPG imports,” added the President.