Trinitan Metals & Minerals (PURE) welcomes the discourse of Tesla’s investment in Indonesia

PT Trinitan Metals & Minerals Tbk (PURE) welcomes Tesla Inc.’s investment Indonesia.Reporting fromReuterson Monday (5/10), Tesla is reportedly in initial talks with the Indonesian government regarding the potential investment from the American electric car manufacturer in Indonesia.

For information, PURE is a company engaged in the development of mineral refining technology, mining waste management, and mining exploration.

One of the developments made by PURE is to utilize Hydrometallurgical Step Temparature Acid Leach (STAL) technology in Indonesia to carry out a layered refining process, resulting in minimal solid waste and minimal use of water and energy.

President Director of Trinitan Metals & Minerals Petrus Tjandra said that PURE’s STAL hydrometallurgical technology can be applied to support Tesla’s investment in Indonesia.

“STAL is capable of producing 99.96% nickel products (LME Grade) as well as nickel sulfate (NiSO4) and cobalt sulfate (CoSO4) battery grade products that can be used by lithium-ion battery manufacturers,” said Petrus Tjandra in a press release received by Kontan., yesterday (8/10).

Currently, PURE is also developing a mine-mouth leaching plant scheme in collaboration with nickel miners in Central Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi.In this case, the miners will build a leaching plant at each mouth of their nickel mine.

According to Petrus Tjandra, the leaching plant will process the miner’s laterite nickel ore into Crude Mix Hydroxide Precipitate (MHP) and Mix Sulphide Precipitate (MSP) products with a nickel content of around 24% – 40% which will then be processed by PURE to become nickel 99, 96% as well as nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate.

“This scheme is also in line with Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) request that nickel miners protect the environment because the minerals that have been processed will be fertilized again so that they can be returned to the location and planted,” he explained.

Furthermore, PURE management is committed to protecting the environment by applying zero waste management.

According to Petrus, STAL technology produces residual waste as much as 30% – 40% or much less when compared to other technologies that produce residual waste up to 90% – 95%.

The residue produced by STAL has an Iron (Fe) content of about 80% and can be processed into iron ore for use by the steel industry.

“In addition, this residue can also be processed into bricks to be used to build roads and bridges. So it istotally no waste in the factory,” he concluded.