Antam Ready to Supply Nickel for IBC

The process of burning nickel ore at PT Antam Tbk (illustration)

The Indonesian Battery Company (IBC) was officially formed last week.To be able to build a large battery industry requires stability of nickel supply.PT Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) is ready to supply the nickel needs ofthisIBC.

Antam’s SVP of Corporate Secretary, Kunto Hendrapawoko, explained thatANTAMas part of MIND ID supports the development of an integrated EV Battery industrial ecosystem from upstream to downstream through the Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC).The development of the EV Battery industrial ecosystem, starting from nickel processing / refining, battery raw materials (precursors and cathodes), tobattery cells and packswill be part of the IBC Work Plan.

“In this EV Battery industry ecosystem chain, ANTAM is certainly committed to supplying raw material needs,” said Kunto to Republika, Sunday (4/4).

He also could not specify what steps the company will take to guarantee nickel supply.However, currently Antam’s mine is deemed sufficient to meet IBC’s nickel needs.

“In principle, it can be said that ANTAM is always open to opportunities that support the strengthening of the company’s main commodity business from upstream to downstream which is expected to strengthen the Company’s positive performance growth and contribution to society,” said Kunto.

Kunto said that Antam will be actively involved in the IBC.However, technically, Kunto said, it was not Antam’s authority to be able to explain in more detail the extent of the factory construction process and also the share distribution scheme.

“Meanwhile, regarding the technical aspects of the EV Battery industrial ecosystem development, it will become the authority of the IBC. However, ANTAM believes that the IBC will be able to have a positive impact on the country’s economy, society and especially for the realization of the commitment to the downstreaming of the Indonesian mineral industry,” said Kunto.