Coal Suppliers Commit to Meet Domestic Power Coal Needs

There are 48 coal supply companies for domestic power plants that have stated their commitment to maintain the reliability of national electricity.This was marked by the signing of the Coal Supply Fulfillment Commitment for General Electricity which was held in Bali last week.

“Certainty of meeting coal needs is very important in order to maintain the sustainability and reliability of electricity supply to the community,” said Head of the Communications Bureau for Public Information Services and Cooperation of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Agung Pribadi in Jakarta (20/6).

Since December 2020 coal supply for the electricity sector has decreased slightly due to extreme weather conditions, decreased mining production, as well as rising coal prices in the international market.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PLN, Zulkifli Zaini, expressed his gratitude to the Director General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources for his support in ensuring the availability of coal for PLN.Thanks are also conveyed to supplier partners who fulfill their commitments in prioritizing the interests of domestic coal supply.

According to Zaini, a total of 48 supplier partners have committed to fulfill the allocation of coal supply according to the contract and increase the allocation according to the ability of the mine.In fact, from the coordination, additional coal supplies of more than 4.6 million tons have been obtained for the July-December 2021 period.

“We hope that the synergy between PLN, supplier partners and the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal can continue well in order to maintain the reliability of electricity in the country,” he hoped.

The limited supply of coal for PLTU PLN in early 2021 has been overcome by adding supplies from existing and new suppliers.Until now, PLN will continue to look for additional efforts, in order to fulfill the need for coal supply for electricity generation.