Entering 2nd Semester , Transkon Jaya Wins New Contract

Entering the second semester of 2021, PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA) won a new contract for thelight busvehicle tenantfor operations inEastern Indonesia,which is the company’s main expansion target.

The light buswill be used as a unit for thecustomer’smain needsat thesite, which transports employees from themessto themining site.

Through this, the company has proven to be able to become a company entrusted bycustomersto meet their varied needs, especially in relation to transportation for operational activities.

Fulfilling the same need, the company also received requests fromcustomersin South Kalimantan who will also use thelight bus.

“Starting at the beginning of the second semester, the company has received a new contract worth more than 25 billion for more than 30 vehicles,” said Transkon Jaya Corporate Secretary Alexander Syauta in an official statement, Tuesday (3/8/2021).

Alexander added, although this vehicle is a new product to be rented in 2021, the company is optimistic that expanding in this type of unit can open up great opportunities for the company to be more ogled by the market considering Transkon Jaya’s ability to meetincreasingly variedcustomerneeds.

With this opportunity, Alexander said it was possible for the company to continue to explore opportunities to diversify its business.

In addition,customerneedsin providing comfort for its employees, the company ensures that the quality of service provided exceedscustomerexpectations.

Because thelight busis a unit that can carry a large number of employees, apart from ensuring its comfort, the accessories installed in this vehicle must of course meet the K3 (Health, Safety, Work) standards that ensure the safety of employees.

Not only aggressive in continuing expansion activities during the pandemic, Alexander said, customer satisfaction is also an extraordinary achievement for the company.

Of course this is the right justification for the products offered by Transkon Jaya to prospectivecustomersand can be apilot projectfor other companies, especially companies in the region, so as not to lose to the situation, especially to always survive in the midst of bad times. hard times.