Indika Donates IDR 50 Billion to Help Overcome the Pandemic


An energy company with a diversified business portfolio, PT Indika Energy, Tbk during the period January to July 2021 has donated Rp 50 billion.This is part of the company’s commitment to helping Indonesia rise from the COVID-19 pandemic through various health initiatives.

Currently, Indika Energy Group has initiated an assistance program to KADIN Indonesia in the form of 8,000 oxygen cylinders measuring 40 liters, 47 liters and 50 liters that have been filled.This oxygen cylinder will be distributed in stages to hospitals throughout Indonesia through a rotation or swap mechanism.This cylinder is to replace an empty cylinder.

Azis Armand, Deputy President Director and Group CEO of Indika Energy, explained that the Oxygen for the Country initiative is expected to help meet and procure medical oxygen needs, as well as accelerate the distribution and circulation of oxygen cylinders in hospitals.

“During January to July 2021, Indika Energy Group has donated Rp 50 billion related to the handling of the pandemic in line with the company’s ESG commitment where part of the company’s profits will be allocated for social and community initiatives.We are also proud to be collaborating with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which is a forum for national business actors,” said Azis.

This assistance was received directly by Arsjad Rasjid, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), during a joint vaccination program with KADIN Indonesia in Jakarta.Also supported by ILUNI FTUI, 8,000 units of Oxygen Cylinders for the Country will soon be distributed in stages to hospitals spread across Indonesia.

Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses its appreciation to every business actor who helps meet the oxygen needs to be distributed to emergency rooms in hospitals.We have echoed the KADIN War Against Pandemic movement and invited the business world to unite and work together to help the government in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not yet ended,” said Arsjad.

In addition to providing oxygen for the country, Indika Energy through its subsidiary, Tripatra Engineers and Contractors, also supports the construction of the Gotong Royong Oxygen House initiated by KADIN Indonesia and located in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta.This Oxygen House is the first semi-permanent health facility in Indonesia specifically equipped with oxygen supply equipment and treatment beds for residents exposed to COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms.

Throughout 2020, Indika Energy Group has also made various other efforts to help deal with the pandemic, such as building PCR testing facilities and isolation centers, as well as various other initiatives with a total aid value of US$ 5.9 million or equivalent to Rp. 86 billion.

Throughout 2021, Indika Energy Group will also continue to carry out social initiatives including assisting the construction of hospitals and nursing academies, as well as supporting the Mutual Cooperation Vaccination Program for company employees in all of its operational areas.With a total of more than 21,000 employees and their families who have been registered, vaccination has started since June 9 and is currently ongoing.Indika Energy Group also supports other vaccination centers, such as Kanisius and Serviam.