Indonesia Battery Corporation Holding Will Form First Semester 2021

The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) stated that the Indonesian Battery Corporation Holding will be formed in the first half of 2020. The holding consists of PT Aneka Tamba2ng Tbk or Antam, PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) or PLN, and PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) or MIND.ID

The three state-owned companies will join forces and be covered by MIND.ID.Deputy Minister (Wamen) of BUMN I Pahala Nugraha Mansury said, Antam will focus on the upstream sector.The two companies will be responsible for mining and processing battery materials such as nickel and aluminum into sulfate.

Meanwhile, PLN and Pertamina are focused on the downstream sector.The tasks undertaken are battery formation, distribution, and storage at the household level.

“We hope that the formation of the IBC can be formed in the first semester of this year. We have agreed between the four companies, hopefully it can be established,” said Pahala, Tuesday (2/2/2021).

Currently, theMinistry of BUMNis in discussion with a number of partners who will join in working on this mega project.In the process, Holding Indonesia Battery Corporation is partnering with a South Korean manufacturer, namely the electric vehicle (EV) battery company, LG Energy Solution Ltd.

“The period of time for the formation of the Indonesian battery corp can be formed in this semester 1-2021. This has already been mentioned in the discussions in BUMN, and potential partners, the timeline in this first semester, IBC can be established as a company. Later it can sign the cooperation and develop joint ventures with potential partners, “he said.Indonesia is considered capable of building an integrated electric vehicle battery industry.This belief stems from Indonesia’s economic condition which is claimed to occupy the 7th position as the country with the strongest economy in the world in 2020.

Good economic growth will affect the ability of a country’s authorities to explore and manage the battery industry.In that context, Indonesia has sufficient strength to encourage the development of the electric vehicle battery industry which is being discussed by a number of Energy BUMNs.

“On the other hand, we as a country have a very strong position of upstream mineral resources, especially at this time are minerals that are very much needed to carry out or to produce batteries. One of the most important ingredients for battery production is nickel and Indonesia has a number reserve. 1 to be able to produce nickel in the world today, “said Pahala.

The team for the acceleration of the development of the electric vehicle battery industry itself is preparing a roadmap or road map for the battery industry until 2027. To support this, the government is pushing for the construction of a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) and a Public Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station (SPBKLU).

Currently, there are 32 SPKLU points in 22 locations and 33 SPBKLU pilot projects.Meanwhile, in 2021, there is a plan to develop an energy storage system or Energy Storage System (ESS).

In 2022, OEM is targeted to start producing electric vehicles in Indonesia.Then, in 2024 the High Pressure Acid Leaching (HPAL) smelter is targeted to start operating developed by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk and the battery and cathode Precursor Factory factory to start operating, which is carried out by Pertamina and MIND ID.