Large-Scale Production of Electric Vehicle Batteries Begins 2025

PT Industri Battery Indonesia(IBI) revealed that the productionoflarge-scaleelectric vehicle batteries could start in 2025.Step by step the development of the integrated battery industry from upstream to downstream has begun.

President Director of the Indonesian Battery IndustryToto Nugrohosaid that by next year one factory is targeted to produce 10 giga watt hour (gWh) batteries.”In 2022, there will be one10 gWhfactory,so abreakthroughis a fast solution for battery production,” said Toto at the 2021 Investor Daily Summit entitled “Encouraging the Environmentally Friendly Automotive Industry” in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/7).

Toto said the development of an integrated electric vehicle battery industry starts from mining, smelting/refining, battery chemicals, battery cells, to recycling.He said that in 2024 all major battery components such as RKEF and HPAL could be produced.”So that by 2025 we can get large-scale batteries produced in Indonesia,” he said.

The Indonesian Battery Industry was formed by 4 SOEs as shareholders with a share of 25% each, namely PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Antam Tbk, PT PLN (Persero), and Mining Industry Indonesia.