PT Timah rejects metal ore from protected forest areas

PT Timah Tbk rejects the purchase of metal ore from mining in protected and conservation forest areas, as a commitment to preserving the environment, flora and fauna in the company’s operational areas.

“I emphasize that PT Timah does not accept tin ore from protected and conservation forest areas in Bangka Belitung,” said President Director of PT Timah Tbk Mochtar Riza Pahlevi Tabrani while attending a talk show and supervising forest encroachment in Mukung Mangrove Forest, Central Bangka, Monday afternoon.

He said that maintaining environmental sustainability in protected forests requires awareness and maturity of all elements of society not to carry out tin ore mining in protected forest areas to maintain the diversity of flora and fauna in Indonesia, especially Babylon.

“I am saddened to hear of the protected forest area on Mount Mangkol, Prinping Bangka River and I immediately emphasize not to accept tin ore from this forest area,” he said.

According to him, preserving the flora and fauna is PT Timah’s commitment and this is clear. But the question is whether other mining companies receive mining products from this protected forest, he said.

“We hope that other mining companies will not receive tin ore from this protected forest area,” he said.

He added that PT Timah Tbk is a state-owned company (BUMN) and a value-adding agent for the state.

“We are agents of multi-value and benefit to the communities where they work,” he said.