Siemens enables the digital building transformation with new version of Desigo CC

Desigo CC V5.0

Desigo CC V5.0

Enhanced building management

Desigo CC V5.0 is now linked to the infrastructure around the building. For the firsttime, it offers the ability to monitor the energy consumption of electric vehicles,thanks to EV charging station integration via the OCPP protocol. In a user-friendlymanner, Desigo CC represents the status information of the e-charging stations andprovides dedicated graphic symbols for an easy visualization.Additionally, Desigo CC extends its cloud connectivity with direct access from theSiemens cloud application Building Operator through a secure internet tunnel tostart the local Desigo CC Flex Client for advanced operation. With this easy cloudconnection, operators can access their Desigo CC without the need for a VPNconnection, anytime and from anywhere, allowing them to reduce their on-sitepresence.

User experience as key element

Flex Client is the new HTML5 front-end of Desigo CC that can run on any operatingsystem and web browser supporting HTML5 technology, and also mobile devicessuch as tablets all without requiring installation steps. Flex Client has beendesigned to drastically improve the user experience and to make the monitoring ofany building an easy task. With V5.0, Flex Client has been improved and nowprovides easier event handling, a sophisticated trending application and easyaccess to building schedules.
Desigo CC V5.0

Desigo CC V5.0

Security in mind

To protect vulnerable building data even better, Desigo CC V5.0 is now IEC62443-3-3 SL2 compliant. Extensions and subsystem integrations have been extensivelyevaluated and tested to be listed as SL2 compliant, allowing Desigo CC to be usedin deployments with higher security demands. With V5.0, new multifactorauthentication and improved sign-on were implemented to simplify multi-useroperation. Desigo CC is constantly tested and protected with frequent releases ofpatches, hot fixes and updates. Customers can benefit from this continuousupdating process by subscribing to the Desigo CC Software Upgrade Program toreceive the latest packages as they come.

Improved operational efficiency

Since the amount of KNX devices in buildings is increasing, Desigo CC supportsthem too. V5.0 allows the integration of additional KNX devices such as TunableWhite DALI gateways. With ready-to-use graphic symbols, it now enables tuning ofthe white temperature color of the lights connected to the DALI gateway.Furthermore, Desigo CC V5.0 simplifies the integration of more features anddevices. Its new Engineering Console makes it easy for service providers andengineers to initiate configuration tasks while automatizing repetitive elements.

With these new functionalities and enhancements, Desigo CC V5.0 is taking thenext step to boost the digitalization of buildings and to contribute to makinginfrastructure smarter. It helps make buildings such as hospitals, commercialbuildings, data centers, offices, hotels or airports future-proof and easy to manage.

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