The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment and (Kemenko Marves) encourage companies to contribute to promoting the sustainability aspect of the mining sector.

Septian Seto, Deputy for Investment and Mining Coordination at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs, said that the Government is currently conducting a gap analysis between existing regulations and IRMA standards.

“We want to ensure the right instruments to strengthen the implementation of ESG from the production phase to the commercial phase for various commodities, including coal, tin, and nickel,” he said, in an industry discussion entitled “Introducing IRMA to Indonesian Mining Companies”, Tuesday (6/06). 9/2022. The forum led by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs together with the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) and the global mining company from France Eramet, along with representatives from industry and civil society organizations was held in an effort to strengthen environmental principles.(Environment) , Social (Social) , and Governance (Governance) or ESG in Indonesian mining operations.

Irwandy Arif, Special Staff of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, said that investors will begin to consider more ESG elements in evaluating investment potential.

Bruno Faour, Director of Eramet Indonesia, emphasized that Eramet is committed to supporting the Government of Indonesia in achieving its sustainability goals. “We hope that this forum can encourage the industry to move towards more sustainable and responsible mining practices,” he said.

During the forum, Eramet also shared his perspective on the preparation of the company’s global operations audit against the IRMA Standard, including in New Caledonia and its nickel mine in Weda Bay Industrial Park, North Maluku. Eramet is also planning IRMA audits for its future exploration projects and mining operations.

Kristi Disney Bruckner, IRMA’s Senior Policy Advisor, explained that IRMA provides third-party independent verification and assessment of world-recognized mining standards.
“The IRMA Standard for Responsible Mining covers all mining products, except thermal coal and uranium energy materials. The IRMA assessment also covers various environmental and social issues,” he said.

IRMA is a multi-stakeholder coalition with more than 50 members including mining companies, mining product buying companies, labor organizations, NGOs, communities around operations, and investment and financial companies. Some examples of IRMA members include the BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, Microsoft Corporation, rsted, Tesla, Tiffany & Co, and others.

IRMA is committed to auditing mining operations openly, involving multiple stakeholders in the evaluation process, and producing detailed audit reports that companies can use to share good practices and improve practices that are lacking.

Eramet is transforming mineral resources to provide sustainable and responsible solutions to support industrial growth and the energy transition.

Eramet is committed to taking a civic approach and contributing actively in its countries and areas of operation. With the production of manganese, nickel, mineral sands, lithium and cobalt, Eramet is involved in developing metals and minerals essential for sustainable development.

In partnership with various industries, the Eramet Group contributes to building strong and durable infrastructure and construction, more efficient mobility, safer medical devices and more efficient telecommunications equipment.

As a commitment to the metal industry, Eramet has a target to become a reference for the transformation of mineral resources in a responsible and ESG-minded manner.(RA)