TSL Ausmelt PT Timah Able to Produce Up to 98-99 Percent Recovery


 In the near future, PT Timah Tbk will have a new smelting technology (smelter) with a recovery rate of 98-99 percent. This was conveyed by the Head of the Mentok Tin Smelting Metallurgy Unit, Wiyono when met at the location, Thursday (23/6).

” The recovery is higher, our current recovery is on average 96.7, maybe with this it can go up, from 98 to 99,” said Wiyono.

The Ausmelt TSL technology, he said, was deliberately used by PT Timah because the resources that would be promoted in the future were primary ore. TSL Ausmelt is also considered more environmentally friendly because the emissions released from the chimney are lower than the previous smelting technology.

“Why do we ausmelt, apart from our consideration of the resources towards primary, primer ore. The second is towards green technology. So now there are many environmental issues, one of the advantages of Ausmelt is to accommodate such as Exhaust, so the air released is lower, then more efficient,” he explained.

Wiyono said that the use of technology that is being carried out by PT Wika Tbk and Outotec Pty Ltd will also reduce the level of waste, which is usually 5 tons, to be less in line with the increase in recovery.

“Waste is less and recovery will increase. Recovery is the level of efficiency. For example, if we input 100 tons of tin, if it’s 100 percent, it’s still 100 tons, but this is usually 95 tons, meaning that there are 5 tons that become waste, waste. With this, recovery can increase by 1.5 to 2 percent,” he said.

Currently, the process of working on the smelter, which is capable of absorbing low levels of tin, has reached 95 percent. According to Wiyono, if Ausmelt is operational, the old building will be used as a stand-by unit.

“The work is done at 95 percent. there is a transition process of approximately two years. Later the old one will become a standby unit,” he explained.

Previously, it was explained that the new smelter was planned to have a commercial operating date (COD) in the second semester of 2022. President Director of PT Timah, Tbk Achmad Ardianto said that the progress of physical development until the first quarter had reached 91%, at which time his party was already testing the equipment.

“For the current tools, self-running has started. From a technical point of view, there are currently no issues regarding the delivery of goods. The Commissioning Operation Date (COD) plan is in the second semester to be precise in the 2022 quarter,” said Achmad some time ago.

Source: https://www.tambang.co.id/tsl-ausmelt-pt-timah-mampu-mengahasilkan-recovery-hingga-98-99-persen