J Resources will issue IDR 500 billion bonds


PT J Resources Asia Pasifik Tbk (PSAB) will issue its Shelf Registration Bond I Phase VI/2020 with a principal value of IDR 500 billion. The bonds will be offered to the public starting next week (23-24/11).

As quoted from the prospectus published by the company on Monday (9/11), IDR 414.75 billion of the bonds will be guaranteed with full commitment, while the rest will be guaranteed with best effort. The bonds guaranteed with full commitment are divided into Series A (IDR 251.66 billion with an interest rate of 9.25% and a tenor of 370 days), and Series B (IDR 163.09 billion with an interest rate of 10.25% per year and a tenor of three years).

The appointed underwriters are PT Indo Premier Sekuritas and PT Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia Tbk (TRIM), while PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) was appointed as trustee.