Mitrabara Adiperdana will distribute cash dividends of Rp 72.41 billion

JAKARTA. PT Mitrabara Adiperdana Tbk (MBAP), a coal mining company based in North Kalimantan, will distribute cash dividends of Rp 72.41 billion (Rp 59 per share), taken from its net profit in 2019.

Chandra Lautan, Corporate Secretary of MBAP, said that this decision had been made during the company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) held earlier this week.

According to its annual financial statements, MBAP booked a net profit of US$ 35.29 million (Rp 496.46 billion) in 2019.

MBAP will keep the remaining net profit as mandatory reserves (Rp 22.2 billion) and retained earnings. “To support the operational activities of the company and its subsidiaries,” Lautan said through information disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange today.

The cum dividend date was set on 17 June 2020 in the regular market and negotiated market, and 19 June 2020 in the cash market. Dividend payments will be made on 24 June 2020. (KR/AR)