Trakindo Customer App: Integrated Digital Solutions to Support Customers in the New Normal

JAKARTA, 23 June 2020 – PT Trakindo Utama (Trakindo), Cat heavy equipment solution provider, just launched Trakindo Customer App (TCA), a mobile app that provides easier way for its customers to access Trakindo integrated services. Trakindo Customer App is completed with various useful features such as transaction status information, service request, spare parts delivery tracking, up to customers fleet management. The launch of this app reflects Trakindos commitment to always supporting the customers.

David Freddynanto, Chief Marketing Officer Trakindo, explained, We, in Trakindo, is committed to Advancing You Forward; we strive for continuous development aimed to improve our customers satisfaction in any situations, including under this transition to new normal. After going through a lot of research and development processes, today we introduced Trakindo Customer App as a solution for our customers in accessing our advanced products and services. We hope the conveniences brought by Trakindo Customer App can always give positive contribution to our customers success, not only during this movement limitations period, but also forward.

In this transition period to the new normal, all sectors of industry start to regain their power to be back in operational, including those that utilizes heavy equipment. Nevertheless, the risk of virus transmission remains to be the main concern, thus various limitations and health protocol standards remain in place. Here, Trakindo Customer App comes as a solution for customers to access Trakindos integrated services easily, anywhere.

Rozy Andrianto, Division Head Construction Industry Marketing Trakindo pointed out that, Trakindo Customer App is specifically designed to provide the best customer experience in doing transaction with Trakindo. This app summarizes Trakindo services under one system, so that the customers can get a faster, clearer, and easier experience. All the conveniences can be accessed by customers with the touch of a finger.

Trakindo Customer App can be downloaded directly by Trakindo customers through App Store and Play Store. This app has a number of helpful and customers-need-driven features, such as Customers Profile, Parts Tracking, Service Request and Tracking, Open Account & Invoice; all integrated with Caterpillar digital platform.

  • Customers Profile: a feature to see detailed information on the customers Cat equipment with operational details such as SMU meter, equipment location, and warranty status
  • Parts Tracking: a feature that helps customers to easily track their spare part orders
  • Service Request and Tracking: this feature enables customers to request service from Trakindo technicians and track their current location
  • Open Account and Invoice: this feature shows the updated transaction status, payment due, and customers remaining balance


Furthermore, Caterpillar digital platform functions integrated with the Trakindo Customer App are:

  • Cat App: Fleet Management: to track current location, activities, fuel usage, and other information on the customers Cat equipment
  • Cat Inspect: a function to download and complete inspection, completed with photo, video, and comment options.
  • Parts.Cat.Com: provide updated spare parts price information and make online purchases.

Trakindo Customer App features are aimed to help customers in planning their business and operational activities. Trakindo Customer App accelerates transaction process, improves communication responses, and facilitates easier access to information. As an embodiment to one of Trakindo core values: Continuous Development, Trakindo will continue to develop itself in providing the best services to support its customers success, David concluded.