During the Pandemic, J Resources Keeps Worker Health First

Jakarta, TAMBANG,-One of the important pillars of the mining industry apart from capital and technology is Human Resources (HR).PT J Resources Bolaang Mongondow (JRBM), a gold mining company operating in Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi, places HR as an important asset.Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s attention to the health and safety of workers has been increased.

The chairman of the PT JRBM Workers Union, Didi Efendi Podomi, acknowledged the company’s high attention to the health and safety aspects of workers and their families.In the area of ​​operation, the company applies the Prokes rules strictly, both those set by the Government and additional from the Management.Anyone who violates will be penalized.Everything is done so that workers feel safe and comfortable at work, explained Didi.

In addition, if there are employees who test positive for both rapid antigen and PCR tests, they will also receive optimal health services.Companies rent hotels for employees who are positive for isoman.During the isoman period there will be a medical team that regularly monitors their progress.The company is also proactive in helping the families of workers who are positive for COVID-19, including by providingambulancesand oxygen cylinders,” Didi continued.

Didi also admitted that with this optimal service, workers can stay focused on working in the midst of a pandemic.”During the pandemic, operations will run normally.Only recently when the number of new cases increased, the company decided to temporarily suspend production operations.During that time, there were sterilization activities.Now it has begun to slowly produce, “said Didi.

According to him, this company’s move shows the company’s high commitment to maintain and protect the company.Despite the current difficult situation, there are no layoffs.The company also fulfills all the rights of the workers,” said Didi.

The same thing was conveyed by one of Intan Mangompa’s workers.She has joined PT JRBM since 2014. Intan is a resident of the village surrounding the mine and some time ago, the results of the Rapid Antigen Test were positive.He then underwent Isoman at a hotel in Kotamobagu.

I am grateful that the company really cares about its employees.When my rapid test result was positive, I was immediately told to isoman at one of the hotels.During Isoman, the company’s medical team always monitors the progress of our health.Medicines are available, healthy food and routine checks from the medical team,” explained Intan.

He underwent self-isolation for 22 days while waiting for the PCR results.”After being declared healthy, I can now return to work,” explained Intan.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has lasted more than a year, has had an impact on mining operations.However, by always providing a sense of security and comfort for employees, the company’s operational performance is not much disturbed.Production activities are still running, although some adjustments have to be made,” explained JRBM GM Irwan Lupoyo.

Meanwhile, the President Director of PT J Resources Asia Pacific, Tbk (PSAB), JRBM’s parent company, Edi Permadi emphasized that the company places human resources as an important asset.”Therefore, during this pandemic, the health and safety of workers is above all.Although there must be additional costs incurred including for self-isolation facilities.Because when these workers feel cared for and protected by the company, their work productivity will increase, said Edi.