PT PAM Mineral is officially listed on the IDX

PT PAM Mineral Tbk.(NICL) will be the 26th company listed on the IDX in 2021. NICL is a nickel mining company that was established in 2008. NICL has two operational areas, namely in Lameruru Village, Langgikima District, North Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi and Laroenai Village, District Central Sulawesi Coastal Bungku.

In carrying out its business activities, NICL carries out the process of exploration, mining, and sales of nickel ore (nickel ore).Nickel ore is a metallic element in the form of residual soil.The characteristics of stainless nickel make this metal commodity very much needed by modern civilization which requires a lot of stainless metal as raw material in production.

Currently, NICL concentrates on mining development by managing ongoing mines for domestic sales.