PT Vale, Good Mining Practice Award

PT Vale Borong 3 Good Mining Practice Awards

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (Vale)won the 2021 Good Mining Practice Award from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) for three award categories.

The awards are the main trophy for the Mineral and Coal Mining Technical Management Award category, the Aditama trophy for the Mineral and Coal Mining Environmental Management Award category and the main trophy for the Mineral and Coal Conservation Management Award category.

This year is the fifth year thatPT Vale Indonesia haswon Aditama, the highest award for environmental management.

The award was given as a form of appreciation from the government forPT Vale’scommitmentto making efforts to comply with technical rules, implement conservation of resources and reserves, create safe working conditions and protect the environment, in order to realize good mining practices.

Present on behalf ofPT Vale toreceive the award in Jakarta were the Director and Chief Operating Officer, Vinicius Mendes Ferreira and the Director Strategic Permit & GA, Budiawansyah, Wednesday 29 September.

The Achievement Award for the Application of Good Mining Engineering Rules is a series of events to commemorate the 76th Mining and Energy Anniversary on 28 September 2021 with the theme “Growing Energy, Resilient Energy”.

Separately, President Director of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk, Febriany Eddy said the award was a form of government recognition for good environmental performance.According to him, this achievement cannot be separated from the role and hard work of PT Vale employees and business partners, and of course the support from the government, both central and regional.

“On the other hand, this award is a whip for us to continuously improve performance, because good environmental management is not an option but a must and a form of corporate responsibility to stakeholders and the environment,” he said.