Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team Distributes Aid To Residents Affected By Semeru Eruption

Jakarta, MINING, The damage caused by the eruption of Mount Semeru is extraordinary.Many infrastructures were damaged, including people’s houses.Until now, many residents have lost their homes due to badly damaged houses and items that could not be saved when the eruption occurred.

The Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli team, which regularly contributes actively to humanitarian assistance, especially in disasters, is back and distributing aid to residents affected by the Mount Semeru eruption area in East Java.Previously, theEmergency Response Group(Emergency Response Group) was present for the evacuation and recovery process as well as conducting surveys to affected locations.This survey aims to determine the number of residents who need assistance.

From a survey in Sumbermujur Village, Candipuro District, Lumajang Regency, it was found that many affected people were found.Most of them came from the village of Curah Koboan who took refuge in the houses of local residents.Based on information from one of the villagers, Muliono, many local residents have provided their houses for the affected residents to live in.This has made many affected people prefer to live in people’s houses rather than in refugee camps.

“The solidarity of the residents here is quite high, they provide their houses temporarily to live in by affected residents whose houses were destroyed by the eruption,” explained Muliono.

From the results of the survey, the Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team who are members of the Disaster Preparedness Team of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) recorded the affected residents and their needs together with local community leaders.

After the survey, logistical assistance was distributed directly to the houses occupied by the affected residents.The assistance provided included complete cooking utensils ranging from stoves, rice cookers, gas cylinders.Then basic food products from Sinar Mas, namely UBM Hock Guan biscuits and Filma cooking oil.Then there are rice, school uniforms, school bags, shoes, towels, mattresses, pillows, blankets.Also a set of tableware, and worship utensils.This support is to provide basic and essential needs and equipment for residents who are not saved when a disaster occurs.

Andi Henry Achmad,Emergency ResponseGroup Manager explained that the support provided was a consistent form of the company’s solidarity and concern for the humanitarian mission to help our brothers and sisters affected by the disaster.

We consistently carry out this activity in the event of a disaster, which is a form of the company’s concern.The Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli team distributes aid according to the needs of local residents and directly distributes it to houses temporarily occupied by residents,” explained Andi.

Budi Triyanto, East Java Province Mining Inspector as well as Logistics Coordinator of the Mount Semeru ESDM Disaster Preparedness Team expressed his gratitude for the company’s active contribution in the Mount Semeru eruption disaster.

Thank you for the assistance provided by Sinar Mas and Berau Coal.Indeed, currently what residents need are cooking utensils and other household needs, explained Budi.

The hundreds of groceries and basic equipment provided are expected to support life and reduce the burden on the affected residents.Febry, one of the residents who received assistance from the Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team, greatly appreciated the complete assistance provided by the company.

“Alhamdulillah, on behalf of my family, I say that we are very grateful and grateful to Sinar Mas and Berau Coal for providing complete support to us, because these needs are what we need because we no longer have anything after the eruption,” said Febry.

Ponimah, a middle-aged woman who shared her resignation during the eruption to the Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team, was touched by the support provided by Sinar Mas and Berau Coal.

“I can only accept the help that is given, hopefully Allah will repay it,” said Ponimah with emotion.

Nurul Yaqin Pribadi, the local village head who also witnessed the Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team while distributing aid door to door to residents, expressed his gratitude for taking care of his residents.

“As the village head, I thank Sinar Mas and Berau Coal for providing assistance to my residents who were affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru. I wish them more success, success and prosperity,” said Nurul.

In addition to the logistical assistance provided, the Sinar Mas Berau Coal Peduli Team who are members of the ESDM Disaster Preparedness Team have also assisted in the evacuation process and health services for affected residents.

The assistance provided by the company is expected to help speed up the recovery process for the affected areas after the eruption of Mount Semeru.Synergy from various parties is needed to make this happen.