Commitment to Reduce Emissions, Bukit Asam Wins Corporate Emissions Award 2022

    Commitment to Reducing Emissions, Bukit Asam Wins 2022 Corporate Emissions Award

    General Manager of the Tanjung Enim Mining Unit of PT Bukit Asam Tbk Venpri Sagara positively welcomed the appreciation given to Bukit Asam. He revealed, Bukit Asam always carried out various emission reduction activities in a sustainable manner to create a better earth.

    “Thank you for the award given. This award is proof that the mining sector also makes a positive contribution to the environment. We believe that reducing emissions is not a burden, but a solution to systematically reduce production and operating costs, and make the earth a better place,” said Venpri.

    Currently, Bukit Asam is running a series of programs to reduce carbon emissions. From an operational perspective, the company implements Eco Mechanized Mining , which is replacing mining equipment that uses fossil fuels with electricity. The company also implements the E-Mining Reporting System , which is a production reporting system in real time and online, so as to minimize conventional monitoring that uses fuel.

    On the other hand, Bukit Asam carries out reclamation and revegetation of ex-mining land as well as replacement of ozone-depleting substances (BPO) such as the use of environmentally friendly AC refrigerant and replacement of Halon 1211 in light fire extinguishers (APAR). These programs are implemented and developed continuously in every line of the company to provide optimal results.

    Meanwhile, Founder of PT Bumi Global Karbon Deni Danuri explained that the assessment of the 2022 Corporate Emissions award is based on the company’s sustainable performance in 2020 which is submitted through a sustainability report published in 2021.

    “Emission reduction calculations and emission calculations also consider the scope of whether there is assurance or independent third party verification in the emission calculations,” he concluded.