Gold and Copper Summit 2022

All Indonesia Miner events in 2022 will be held with a hybrid (In Person and Virtual) concept. Where the conference will run live and virtual at the same time to be able to accommodate Indonesia and Global Audience. Expo and workshops will be held virtually and all events that will be held in person will follow the applicable health protocol standards from the Indonesian government.

Conference Topics

  • Market Outlook

Gold and Copper play an important key role in Indonesia economic growth, this session will analyze the market and understanding of global demand. This will help identify and mitigate risks for mining stakeholders and Investors to buildunderstanding of this dynamic sector and learn from leading respective organizations on how their market strategies are being adopted.

  • Investment

This is the opportunity for mining stakeholders and investors to hear about exciting project updates and new development of mineral projects including smelter development. Also discusses what challenges and opportunities on their operational and capitalization to increase investment intelligently and responsibly.

  • Technology

This session will discuss how mining will be in the future. New innovations that can be applied to increase efficiency and productivity. It will also give an idea of how successful the application of technology in a project and how the workforce canadapt to today’s technology.

  • Sustainability

Discussing how the mining industry contributes to protecting the environment and contributing to community development including corporate social responsibility.This session will also discuss how ESG Performance plays an important role on mining company operations and influence investment decisions in the mining industry.

Would you like to present in one of the conferences tracks? Please submit your interest.Click here to complete the form and valid until February 7, 2022.