Sandvik’s electric concept rig – a start point for a roadmap to battery surface drills in mining

One of the innovative machines Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions showcased at this year’s Innovation in Mining customer event in Tampere, Finland, attended by IM, was its fully electric concept rig, based on the compact CommandoTM DC300Ri top hammer drill rig.

Sandvik says the concept drill rig is essentially a versatile R&D platform for demonstrating the most advanced, but nevertheless proven and validated, sustainability technologies that are already in use or coming soon on underground drill rigs and loaders.

The concept rig is rubber tyred, utilises lithium batteries and uses a plug-in charger. It is also cabless and is operated via teleremote line of sight technology.

In quarrying adjacent to urban areas or on large construction sites you typically have plug in charging available.

This particular rig also has a back-up diesel genset in case there is a temporary situation when plug in charging is not possible. It has rubber tyres as in the types of markets where it is operating you don’t need the extra traction from crawlers but it can still negotiate quite rough terrain.

The rig has already been trialled by contractor Norrbottens Bergteknik eand has recently moved on to another customer for additional testing.

The typical power levels on a rig of this size also allow a feasible full battery solution today.

And it is worth remembering that the duty cycles of these sites are very different to mining so therefore there are much lower power demands.

Image source —> Paul Moore

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