The AGMS of Tin (TINS) Reorganizes the Board of Directors

The shareholders of PT Timah Tbk. (TINS) agreed to reshuffle the board of directors at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) which was held today, Tuesday (24/5/2022). The reshuffle of the board of directors was carried out following the end of Alwin Albar’s term as Director of Operations and Tin Production on April 28, 2022.

“As long as the position is vacant until today’s AGMS, the position left by Alwi is temporarily held by Purwoko,” explained Timah’s Corporate Secretary Abdullah Umar Baswedan. Meanwhile, based on the results of the AGMS, the position of Director of Operations and Production for the next period is filled by Purwoko. Meanwhile, Alwin Albar was appointed as Director of Business Development.

Timah also changed the position of Director of Finance and Risk Management to Fina Eliani, replacing M. Krisna Sjarif.