To Achieve SGDs, Bukit Asam Presents Rural Space Program

PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) carries out the Environmentally Friendly Energy Food Cluster program (Rural Space) to achieve the SDGs sustainable development goals.

The Ruang Rural program focuses on developing innovative ideas for staple foods such as rice farming, horticulture, fisheries, and cattle breeding. The aim of this program is to achieve food security and good nutrition, and to promote sustainable agriculture.

President Director of Bukit Asam Arsal Ismail said the development of the Ruang Rural program targets various aspects such as empowering local communities, improving the economy, and preserving nature to provide optimal benefits for the community and the environment.

“This program is certainly in line with the company’s noble goals to build civilization, improve welfare, and create a better life,” said Arsal in a written statement, Tuesday (17/5/2022).

In carrying out this program further, Bukit Asam carries out several activities such as optimizing the institutional organization of agricultural and livestock business groups that already exist in communities spread across several regions.

In addition, Bukit Asam also conducts research and development through the implementation of the 3R program ( reduce, reuse, recycle), manufacture and plan a pilot project for coffee doom installations, research on insect repellents using electromagnetic waves for agriculture, as well as research on wind power plants.

Provision of facilities and infrastructure to improve the quality of rice, cattle, fish and coffee is also continuously carried out through the assistance of boat engines and cool boxes, training for fish livestock, assistance for baung fish and snakehead fish, and liquid organic fertilizer assistance.

“In terms of community empowerment, the Bukit Asam Food Cluster Industrial Center (SIBA) is also an elaboration of SIBA Agriculture, SIBA Fisheries, and SIBA Animal Husbandry,” concluded Arsal.

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