Antareja Mahada Makmur Secures New Mining Services Contract from Mifa Bersaudara

Antareja Mahada Makmur Raih Kontrak Baru Jasa Pertambangan dari Mifa Bersaudara

Mining contractor services company, PT Antareja Mahada Makmur (AMM), has secured a new mining service contract with PT Mifa Bersaudara.

Joko Triraharjo, the CEO of AMM, stated that in this collaboration, AMM will be involved in overburden removal with a total production target of 45 million bank cubic meters (BCM) per year until 2028.

Meanwhile, Ricky Nelson, the CEO of Mifa Bersaudara, expressed that this collaboration represents a synergistic partnership between AMM and Mifa Bersaudara.

“We are very optimistic that this collaboration can further grow Mifa’s business in the future,” said Ricky in an official statement received by on Saturday (21/10).

He explained that AMM’s investment, human resources, and top-notch equipment will meet Mifa’s standards. If the previous highest Overburden production was 30 million BCM, the target will now be increased to 45 million BCM.

AMM is a mining contractor company, a subsidiary of PPA. AMM was established on December 11, 2017, and has grown into a mining services company, working on various coal mining areas owned by several mining businesses.

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