Baru Gold Update On Successful Final Appeal of Lawsuit

Baru Gold Corp (TSXV:BARU) (OTC:BARUF) (the “Company” or “Baru”) wishes to provide an update on the lawsuit originally filed in Manado, Indonesia (the “Manado Lawsuit”) in October 2021 against two government departments responsible for the issuance of the Environmental Permit (“AMDAL”) to Baru’s subsidiary, PT Tambang Mas Sangihe (“TMS”). While TMS was not named in the Manado Lawsuit, the court granted permission for a representative of TMS to attend the proceedings in support of the government departments.

The Manado Lawsuit has now been reviewed at each level of Indonesia’s judicial system. A panel of judges heard the case at the Manado Administrative District Court in June 2022, Makassar Administrative High Court in September 2022 and, most recently, the Supreme Court of Indonesia.

Today, the Company is happy to report that the Supreme Court of Indonesia has ruled in favour of the Company. The validity of the process, procedures and the awarding of the AMDAL have been reaffirmed and the plaintiff’s complaints dismissed in their entirety. The ruling can no longer be appealed; the decision is final.

The AMDAL is necessary for the Company’s operations. Obtaining an AMDAL is an expensive and time-consuming process that involves broad community consultation and establishes a set of high environmental standards. The AMDAL is a major component of the production permit that allows the Company to mine under the Contract of Work.

Terry Filbert, CEO of Baru Gold, commented “I am obviously very pleased with this final ruling. I have always maintained that this lawsuit was frivolous and should be dismissed. The validity of the AMDAL can no longer be disputed. I am grateful that the Supreme Court decision has put an end to the matter with this final resolution.

The Company takes their responsibility to the environment seriously and has always abided by Indonesian law. The Company will be seeking reimbursement for all court and legal costs caused by the plaintiffs.


Image: Barugoldcorp