Committed to Reduce Carbon Emissions, PT Vale Re-Launches Electric Buses Made in Indonesia

CEO of PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (PT Vale) Febriany Eddy launched electric buses as the company’s commitment to implementing sustainable mining practices. This electric bus was launched on Thursday (14/12/2023) in the Sorowako Block, East Luwu.

The launch of the first electric bus in South Sulawesi aims to realize the company’s target of reducing absolute Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 33 percent by 2030, and towards net zero emissions by 2050. This bus is the production of PT MAB, the first Indonesian company to produce electric vehicles.

The launch of the electric bus was attended directly by PT Vale Indonesia CEO Febriany Eddy, COO Abu Ashar, leaders, employees and contractors at PT Vale Indonesia.

Febry said that this electric bus would be one of the company’s concrete milestones in the collaborative efforts of various parties to reduce carbon emissions.

“The electric bus launched is the first unit to be tested at PT Vale Indonesia Tbk. The first bus unit trial is one of the first steps towards the company’s target of reducing carbon emissions,” he explained when giving his speech.

This bus has a capacity of 48 passengers, with a maximum power of 240 kilowatts, or the equivalent of 320 horsepower, much more power than conventional buses. Apart from that, the bus also has a battery capacity of 315 KwH, equivalent to a distance of 250 kilometers. This unit is equipped with air suspension, so it is more comfortable than bus technology in general.

This electric bus is increasingly efficient with regenerative braking technology, so that every braking can provide an opportunity to charge the battery.

“I want to emphasize that this electric bus is not just following the current trend of people switching to electric vehicles. This bus is our commitment to become a leader in low-carbon nickel mining. So in the future, we will add buses gradually and comprehensively to replace all conventional buses used by PT Vale,” he explained.

Febry said, this commitment is not only for the company’s business. But for people, profit and the planet. “I hope that this bus will be our real contribution to the earth, which we all know is experiencing the challenge of global warming,” he said.

Before closing his remarks, Febry said that the electric buses launched today are an investment for PT Vale’s talents, employees and contractors.

“This facility is presented to facilitate our performance, and protect us from the risk of danger on the way to work. Lastly, this bus can also have the potential to bring cost efficiency, resulting in productivity in the company’s financial aspect,” he said.

Meanwhile, Abu Ashar shared his experience of using an electric car for three years in PT Vale Indonesia’s operational area. “I really enjoy using an electric car. Previously, when I was still using a conventional car, every Sunday I filled up 50-60 liters of petrol or diesel. However, after switching to an electric car, every week I only charged it in the garage or at work, so “You can charge it anywhere easily, in my opinion it’s not a hassle,” he explained.

According to him, PT Vale has three hydroelectric power plants so that even when charging up to 10 electric vehicles, it will not affect the company’s electricity. “Even in the 3 years of using an electric car, I’ve only had my car serviced twice,” he said.

He continued, using this electric car is very easy and efficient and even really helps in driving safety, equipped with sophisticated technology. “When you want to turn or make a U-turn, it will stop itself when it responds to a vehicle passing by, and when reversing it will not be able to reverse when there are objects or vehicles behind it,” he said.

“I am very proud to use this environmentally friendly car, let’s try to have more operational electric vehicles at PT Vale Indonesia in the future,” he explained.

On this occasion, a trial was also carried out using electric buses on the Plansite route, Sorowako Hospital Bus Stop, Mango Tree Bus Stop and Transport (PP) Bus Stop.

What’s special is that during the trial, the electric bus driver was driven by a female driver in the name of Resky. According to him, this bus is very different from the buses currently used. In terms of noise level, the sound of the engine is almost inaudible and most importantly it is environmentally friendly.

“Very happy to be trusted to drive this electric bus, especially since this is the first time it has been launched,” he said.

Last year, PT Vale also launched the first electric truck to support sustainable and low-carbon mining operations in the Sorowako Block, apart from that, electric LV cars have also been used by COO Abu Ashar for three years.

Meanwhile, the Sales Manager of PT MAB, Ganda Pahala Hutapea, expressed his pride in PT Vale as the first company to use electric buses from PT MAB in the Eastern Indonesia Region.

“It is our pride that PT Vale wants to use vehicles made by the nation’s children or local companies. “We hope that PT Vale can be an example for mining companies regarding net zero emissions in accordance with the government program,” he explained.

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