Jinsheng Mining Buys 55.66 Million Central Omega (DKFT) Shares IDR 90 per Share

Lagi! Jinsheng Mining Borong 55,66 Juta Saham Central Omega (DKFT) Rp90 per Lembar

Jinsheng Mining continues to acquire shares of Central Omega Resources (DKFT). This is evidenced by the acquisition of 55,663,500 shares, equivalent to 55.66 million shares. The purchase transactions were conducted at a price of IDR 90 per share.

Under this pricing scheme, the company controller had to invest IDR 5 billion. The transaction was successfully concluded on Friday, September 15, 2023. Yohanes Supriady, Corporate Secretary of Central Omega, stated, “The transaction is for investment purposes and represents direct ownership of shares.”

Following the completion of this transaction, the stockpile of company shares at Plaza Asia, 6th Floor, Jalan Sudirman Kav 46, Jakarta, has significantly increased, reaching a total of 3.46 billion shares, constituting 61.45 percent ownership.

This reflects a 0.99 percent increase from the period before the transaction, with a total donation of approximately 3.4 billion shares, equivalent to an ownership stake of 60.47 percent. On August 22, 2023, Jinsheng Mining acquired 40 million Central Omega shares at a price of IDR 104 per share. Consequently, Jinsheng Mining invested IDR 4.16 billion in this transaction. The completion of this transaction was facilitated by Korea Investment and Securities Indonesia.

As of August 31, 2023, Central Omega shareholders, in addition to Jinsheng Mining, include Kiki Hamidjaja with 142.39 million shares, representing 2.53 percent ownership. Feni Silviani Budiman holds 13.01 million shares, equivalent to 0.23 percent ownership. Public shareholders without scripts hold 1.93 billion shares, or 34.33 percent ownership. Treasury shares amount to 124.76 million units, constituting 2.21 percent ownership.

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