MEMR Targets PTFI Smelter progress to 4% a Month

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif accompanied by President Director of PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) Toni Wenas today, Thursday (4/5) visited PT Freeport Indonesia’s (PTFI) multicolored smelter development project in Gresik, East Java.

The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources wants to ensure that the progress of the construction project for the construction of the largest single line design copper smelter in the world can meet the set target so that it can operate in May 2024.

Until the end of March 2023, the cumulative physical progress of the PTFI smelter has reached 61.5% (according to plan) with an accelerated progress of 4% per month. It is hoped that the progress of the smelter construction project will reach 92% by the end of this year.

“Progress in March was 61%, then in April it was estimated at 65-66%. In this project, PTFI must work hard to be able to get a speed of 4% per month, so that the realization can be seen by the end of the year at 92%,” Arifin said on the sidelines review.

Arifin asked PTFI to boost the smelter construction process so that it was completed according to the set target. “We really asked for it to be completed in May 2024, so from PT Freeport Indonesia Pak Tony this is a challenge to make adjustments so that the project can accelerate up to 2024 to meet the existing target,” he continued.

The Manyar Smelter itself is PT FI’s second copper concentrate refining and processing facility which is being built in the Gresik Java Integrated Industrial Estate (JIIPE) area, East Java with a total area of around 100 hectares with a concentrate processing capacity of 1.7 million tons/year.

The construction of the Manyar smelter by PTFI is a form of supporting the Government’s downstream policy. The Manyar Smelter is the second smelter owned by PTFI after the first smelter was built by PTFI in 1996, and is managed by PT Smelting.

With the currently achieved target, it is hoped that the completion of the smelter’s physical construction can be completed by the end of December 2023, followed by pre-commissioning and commissioning until May 2024 with operational ramp-up expected to reach full operation by the end of 2024.

Additional 300,000 Tonnes

Simultaneously with the visit to the Manyar smelter, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources together with PTFI President Director Toni Wenas visited the first smelter built by PTFI which is currently being managed by PT Smelting, which is currently under construction for a copper concentrate smelter expansion to increase concentrate processing capacity from the previous one million tons to 1 million tons. .3 million tons per year.

The construction process of the PT Smelting copper concentrate smelter expansion by PT Freeport Indonesia is targeted to be completed by the end of 2023 with an investment of Rp. 3.2 trillion, the expansion includes the addition of refinery cells (electrolyte cells to purify concentrate) and an increase in electric power. Until the end of March 2023, the realization of development progress reached 89.7% for procurement and 70.3% for construction.

“The construction of PT Smelting’s smelter extension is expected to be completed in January 2024,” said Arifin.

PT. Smelting has carried out three expansions in 2004, 2006 and 2009 so that production capacity increased from 200,000 tons to 300,000 tons of copper per year. Currently, the copper processing capacity is 1 million tonnes/year.

PT. Smelting uses Mitsubishi technology in the copper smelting process and ISA technology in the copper refining process which is sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical.

ISA technology is capable of producing copper cathodes with a purity of 99.99% (LME Grade A) with a high operating time, high labor productivity, and a high level of safety with low production costs.

From the copper processing at PT. Smelting, produces several by-products such as sulfuric acid, copper slag (a by-product of copper extraction by smelting), gypsum, anode sludge and CuTe. All of these products can be sold and used by many consumers in Indonesia and abroad. (SF)


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