Mining Industry Holding Accelerates the Downstream Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia

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BUMN Mining Industry Holding MIND ID as the majority shareholder of PT Indonesia Battery Industry or Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) through Antam and Inalum supports the development of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem in Indonesia.

IBC is a company that acts as a world-class global player in the EV Ecosystem and EV Battery. IBC develops an integrated end-to-end battery ecosystem.

IBC is expected to be able to maximize the added value of potential mineral wealth in Indonesia through the establishment of an end-to-end EV battery ecosystem synergy from upstream to downstream. In addition, IBC seeks to proactively shape the Indonesian EV battery market and ecosystem, continue to build capabilities and expand competitiveness to become a world-class company, and realize Indonesia’s aspirations as a battery and EV production base in ASEAN.

Therefore, to make this happen, not only synergizing with local partners, IBC is also collaborating with global partners in the development of EV and battery ecosystems, especially in terms of technology.

Main Director of MIND ID Hendi Prio Santoso said MIND ID’s support was not only limited to the supply of nickel raw materials, but also to support the supply of aluminum and copper.

“MIND ID as Mining Industry Holding, fully supports the realization of accelerating the EV ecosystem in Indonesia,” he said in a written statement, Jakarta, Monday (3/7/2023).

Hendi hopes that this good cooperation can be a good start. Thus, this cooperation will provide great benefits for Indonesia.

Meanwhile, this is also a challenge for the electric two-wheeler (E2W) motorized vehicle industry. There are at least 125 million motorized vehicles in Indonesia.

Fossil fuels that are currently used will experience a transition into clean energy. The government itself has a target to adopt E2W, which is targeting 6 million (2025), 9 million (2030), and 12 million (2035).

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