Orica Launches Digital Solution Center

Country Director Orica Indonesia, Damien Marik/Teti Purwanti

Mining and infrastructure solutions company, Orica, inaugurated the first Digital Solutions Center in Asia, in Jakarta. This facility demonstrates Orica’s commitment to driving digital transformation across the mining supply chain by offering customers hands-on experience with advanced solutions that integrate software, sensors and data science.

This innovation shows Orica’s dedication to digital integration of upstream to downstream workflows throughout the mining process. In this way, industrial players can utilize natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Orica is committed to providing the best support to industry players by pioneering digital solutions, and providing new standards for the industry. Industry can also prioritize safety and productivity, and encourage sustainable practices.

Orica Indonesia Country Director, Damien Marik emphasized that Orica’s commitment to the Indonesian mining industry since the late 90s has formed a transformative path, and through the success of digital innovation and blasting.

“We are setting a new milestone in this industry. The Orica Digital Solutions Center provides an opportunity for stakeholders to witness and gain direct experience of Orica’s digital solutions. This innovation will optimize operations, increase safety, simplify processes, while revolutionizing the entire face of the mining industry,” explained Damien in a press conference, Tuesday (5/12/2023).

He added that apart from providing solutions for industry, Orica is also aggressively encouraging Net Zero Emissions (NZE). Damien also said that the technology provided by Orica can also support this and has been proven, not only by technology users in Indonesia, but globally.

With the Orica Digital Solutions Center, Damien hopes that mining entrepreneurs can gain direct experience of existing technology. Orica Group Executive & President Asia & Chemicals, Adam Hall, said that as a region with the fastest growth, digital advances play an important role in driving the development of the mining industry.

“With more than 400 applications worldwide, including Asian countries such as Mongolia, China, India, the Philippines and Indonesia that have used Orica digital solutions, we established the Orica Digital Solutions Center in Jakarta,” said Adam.

According to him, Indonesia not only plays a key role in the global mining sector, but is also an important part of Orica with more than 500 employees in the fields of radar monitoring, manufacturing and mining services.

“We are also making Indonesia the Regional Headquarters of Orica. Indonesia has a special place in our hearts, so it encourages us to continue investing and seeking growth in our business,” he stressed.

On the same occasion, Orica’s Vice President of Digital Solutions, Rajkumar Mathiravedu, stated that the launch of the Digital Solutions Center in Asia is an important step to connect the upstream-to-downstream ecosystem. He emphasized that Orica connects the digital world with reality in the real world, and provides real-time information to customers in all areas of their operations.

“This allows us to process this data into valuable information that is very important for making more precise decisions and providing predictable results in real-time,” explained Rajkumar.

This Digital Solutions Center will function as Orica’s center for innovative digital solutions, which include:

1) BlastIQ™: Secure cloud-based platform to facilitate effective storage, management, categorization and reference of all information related to blasting activities.

2) FRAGTrack™ Gantry: Pioneer of device innovation for trucks transporting mining materials (haul trucks) that incorporates a real-time detection system to enable diversion if necessary.

3) Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES): A simulator tool that displays the optimization of the entire mining process and is able to quickly assess short-term and comprehensive supply chain scenarios.

4) OREPRO™ 3D Predict: Software that predictively models blasting movements without the need for hardware or field survey activities, enabling repeatable blasting designs and increasing control over the quality of mined material output.

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