PEFINDO and S&P Global Ratings are Committed to the Indonesian Capital Market

PEFINDO dan S&P Global Ratings Berkomitmen untuk Pasar Modal Indonesia

PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) and S&P Global Ratings further strengthened the synergy between the two through a Joint-Seminar entitled “Credit Spotlight: Indonesia Stays the Course as Global Uncertainties Rise”, on Tuesday, 30 May 2023.

PEFINDO welcomes S&P Global Rating’s entry as a shareholder of PEFINDO, and we are committed to establishing optimal cooperation and collaboration to play an active role in developing the Indonesian capital market,” said PEFINDO President Director Irmawati Amran in her opening remarks at the seminar.

Elena Okorochenko, Head of Asia-Pacific, S&P Global Ratings, also emphasized in her remarks that S&P Global Ratings will help develop the debt market in Indonesia.

On this occasion, Arief Wibisono, Expert Staff for Financial Services and Capital Markets at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, representing the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, and Ona Retnesti Swaminingrum, Head of the Securities Institution Supervision Department, Financial Services Authority, representing the Chief Executive of the OJK Capital Market Supervisor, delivered the keynote speech.

Both conveyed the importance of rating agencies to maintain credibility, because ratings issued by rating agencies become a reference for investors to measure creditworthiness and investment strategies.

The three seminar sessions presented four speakers from S&P Global Ratings and PEFINDO, discussing the development of sustainable finance in the regional and Indonesian regions, an overview by S&P and PEFINDO of post-pandemic company ratings in the regional region and Indonesia, as well as a sovereign review by S&P Global Rating of countries Asian countries including Indonesia.

Irmawati said, with various developments taking place in the dynamic financial markets in Indonesia and Asia, PEFINDO and S&P Global Ratings are trying to provide updates and discussions on topics that are relevant to current conditions, with resource persons who are competent in their respective fields.

Irmawati added that with the post-pandemic economic recovery going well, as well as various macroeconomic conditions, Indonesia has recorded relatively better achievements compared to ASEAN countries. It is an interesting discussion to discuss the Indonesian sovereign and countries in the ASEAN region. ,” said Irmawati.

Bertrand Jabouley, Head of Sustainable Finance, Asia-Pacific, S&P Global Ratings, provided insights to seminar participants on how the development of countries in the Asia-Pacific region balances global environmental interests and social considerations at the local level, and shows how Indonesia’s position in terms of issuance of sustainable bonds compared to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bertrand said that sustainable funding in Indonesia has greater potential than the current volume.



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