PLN Pockets IDR 2.4 Trillion From Coal Sales

See PLN's Strategy to Secure Coal Supply to PLTU

PT PLN Batu Bara Niaga (PLN BB Niaga) recorded a growth in coal sales volume of 464 percent throughout 2022. PLN’s business line outside the electricity sector is a support for revenue outside of selling electricity or beyond kWh.

Main Director of PLN BB Niaga Kanapi Subur Dwiyanto explained that his party is tasked with maintaining the security of coal supplies to the PLN Group. Business development was able to increase the realization of sales volume with a realization of 2.7 million metric tons. This realization grew 464 percent compared to the realization in 2021.

Realization of coal supply to the PLN Group’s Steam Power Plant (PLTU) throughout 2022 amounted to 992 thousand metric tons. Meanwhile, the IPP is 1.5 million metric tons.

“We ensure that the supply of coal for power plants is maintained. Not only is the supply chain guaranteed, in terms of quality we ensure that the quality of the coal supplying the power plants is maintained,” said Kanapi in Jakarta, Thursday (3/8/2022).

Non-electricity Industry

In addition to IPP and the PLN Group, one of the boosts to growth in coal sales volume last year was from sales to the non-electricity industry of 1.1 million metric tons. This realization even grew 1,535 percent compared to 2021.

From this achievement, the company was able to wrap up revenue for 2022 of IDR 2.41 trillion. The company also recorded a net profit of IDR 146.39 billion or grew 1,040 percent compared to 2021 which was able to support the performance growth of PLN EPI and also Holding in 2022.

PLN ensures that it continues to fulfill the coal supply for the steam power plant (PLTU) according to plan. Photo: PLN
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Kanapi also explained, after the formation of Holding Sub-Holding within PLN, PLN Batu Bara Niaga has become more agile in developing its business. This has been proven throughout 2022, the company will be able to expand its coal trading business by adding customers not only to IPPs but also to the non-electricity industry.

“The development of this business wing was able to increase the Company’s revenue and profits in 2022,” said Kanapi.

This year, the Company is committed to maintaining the company’s performance so that it can record good results like 2022 and even better. On the one hand, the company is also maintaining the security of the supply of coal to power plants.

Main Director of PLN EPI Iwan Agung Firstantara explained that the successful performance at PLN BBN was the result of the Company’s efficiency and efforts to expand the market so as to be able to support healthy financial performance.

“This successful achievement throughout 2022 is proof that the business transformation carried out by the PLN Group is capable of making a better contribution,” said Iwan.

Iwan explained that the business line carried out by a subsidiary of Sub Holding PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (PLN EPI) is an additional source of strength for the company to strengthen good operational and financial performance. The beyond kwh sector is one of the mandates of the holding to be continuously strengthened.

“We maintain a resilient company operational performance so that we are not only able to maintain the security of supply of primary energy but also carry out business development to strengthen the company’s structure,” added Iwan.

According to Iwan, PLN EPI has become stronger in maintaining the coal supply chain from upstream to the generator. A strong supply chain is able to maintain Power Plant Operation Days (HOP).

“We, together with the holding company and the government, directly monitor the coal supply chain through a digital system. We are revamping the contract system and also the shipping system so that the supply of coal to power plants can be more secure,” concluded Iwan.

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