PT Vale Targets Zero Net Emissions in 2050, Reforestation at Ex Mine Locations

PT Vale Target Zero Net Emission 2050, Reboisasi di Lokasi Eks Tambang

PT Vale Indonesia is reforesting ex-mining locations in order to achieve zero net emission by 2050. The problem of environmental sustainability in the mining sector is a separate problem.

Mining activities give a negative impression of environmental sustainability such as destroying forests to make way for mining sites. Head of communications PT Vale Indonesia Bayu Aji said, PT Vale has a zero net emission commitment by 2050.

He said this at the Journalist Competency Test (UKW) activity in East Luwu, Monday (15/5/2023). “Vale has a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 2050,” said Bayu Aji. In order to realize this, PT Vale will replant tree seedlings after mining in a certain location.

“After a mining site is used for mining activities, the topsoil will be returned to the former mining area. After the topsoil is re-installed, we will conduct nurseries again in the former mining area. To date, we have planted approximately 4.4 million trees,” he explained. Bayu Aji. This replanting is based on calculations from PT Vale on the condition of the forest before being used as a mining area. Bayu Aji also explained that 40 percent of the replanted seeds were local plants. (*)


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