Vinacomin Ready to Produce 8.5 Million Tons of Coal to Fulfil 2023 Target

Penuhi Target 2023, Vinacomin Siap Produksi 8,5 Juta Ton Batu Bara

Vinacomin, a coal and mineral Industry Group aims to increase production in the last quarter of this year to meet its production and business targets for the entire year 2023.

According to the annual plan, Vinacomin aims to produce 8.5 million tons of coal in the fourth quarter of 2023, reaching the annual production target of 37.2 million tons.

The company also plans to import 3.6 million tons of coal and sell 11.5 million tons, bringing the total consumed coal to 48 million tons for the year.

Vinacomin’s Director General, Dang Thanh Hai, stated that in 2024, the coal production supplied to power producers by the company is estimated to reach 44-45 million tons, while raw coal output has not increased due to the limitations on mining volume set by exploitation permits.

“Therefore, Vinacomin will increase coal imports in the fourth quarter of 2023 by 700,000 tons to ensure a minimum coal reserve level of 6 million tons for the group and to meet the needs of thermal power coal starting from early 2024,” said Thanh Hai, as quoted from Vietnam News on Tuesday (17/10).

According to the Vinacomin report released in September, the group produced 2.75 million tons of coal, imported 560,000 tons, and consumed 3.5 million tons.

During the same period, the group also produced 120,000 tons of alumina and sold 137,100 tons. Additionally, the company produced 5,500 tons of copper and generated and sold 616 million kWh of electricity.

For the first nine months of this year, Vinacomin achieved a total coal mining output of 28.68 million tons, reaching 73 percent of this year’s plan, equivalent to 94 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

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