Hexindo (HEXA) Earns IDR 7.5 Trillion in Revenue

Hexindo (HEXA) Earns IDR 7.5 Trillion in Revenue

PT Hexindo Adiperkasa Tbk (HEXA) recorded revenue from heavy equipment sales amounting to USD 478.2 million, equivalent to IDR 7.5 trillion based on the Jisdor BI exchange rate of IDR 15,803 per US dollar. During Nine Months of 2023, ended 31st december 2023

HEXA posted a 16.55% increase in sales in the 9 months of 2023, from USD 410.3 million to USD 478.2 million. This income was dominated by sales of heavy equipment to third parties amounting to USD 240.14 million, and related parties amounting to USD 68.4 million.

Spare parts sales to third parties amounted to USD 97.4 million, maintenance and repair services to third parties amounted to USD 53.6 million, and heavy equipment rental services amounted to USD 8.14 million to third parties.

HEXA recorded a cost of sales that also rose to USD 370.7 million in 9 months of 2023, from USD 325.2 million in 9 months of 2022. This cost of sales increased by 13.99% on an annualized basis.

HEXA scored a gross profit of USD 107.4 million from these revenues and cost of goods sold, up 26.35% from USD 85.08 million on a year-on-year (yoy) basis.

The heavy equipment distributor Hitachi scored an increase in profit for the year in 9 months of 2023 to USD 43.85 million or equivalent to IDR 692 billion. This year’s profit increased 25.35% compared to the 9 months in 2022 of USD 34.9 million.

HEXA previously explained that in the first semester of 2020, it had sold 1,294 units of heavy equipment. The agro sector dominated the 502 units or as much as 39% of total sales.

Then sales to the forestry sector amounted to 357 units of heavy equipment, construction as many as 257 units of heavy equipment, mining as many as 167 heavy equipment, and others as many as 11 units.

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