Huayou Invests in Bringing Chinese Technology to Indonesia


Huayou Indonesia plans to increase investment in Indonesia. The subsidiary of Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt Co., Ltd will continue a number of raw mineral processing projects or smelters in the country.

Huayou Indonesia Deputy Director of External Affairs Stevanus said his party had promised with the Government of Indonesia to carry out technology transfer. Including bringing all the best industrial equipment from his company in China.

“That’s a promise. So Huayou when entering Indonesia, our chairman said that we will bring the full set of our industrial chain to Indonesia. That’s what we want to implement in Pomala Industrial Park,” he said during the Huayou Indonesia Media Gathering in Jakarta, quoted on Saturday (1/13/2024).

On the other hand, Stevanus asked for support from the Government of Indonesia for the investment plan, especially ahead of the change of president: “Because the risk is too great, investment is not fully supported by policy,” he added.

“You can ask investors, what is the main factor in investing in a location? Security. Political security, policy security, market security,” Stevanus said.

Stevanus also hopes that the government in the future will continue to maintain the downstream program, especially in the electric vehicle (EV) battery industry sector. Because, according to him, Indonesia already has large natural resource capital in the form of nickel.

“Let Indonesia be the king of nickel of all kinds, if for example we can’t catch up with the trend, someday we will be left behind. So downstreaming is important. It is important at a time when the market is also in full swing. Don’t let us be late,” he said.

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Source >>> Investasi, Huayou Janji Boyong Seluruh Teknologi dari China ke Indonesia